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South Carolina Junior Golf Association

Exemption List for all SCJGA Junior events for 2018

Pee Wee Championship SC Juniors only age 8-12
  • First 80 applications
Caddie Classic- SC Juniors only age 13-18 still enrolled in high school
  • First 72 applications
Jimmy Self- SC, NC, GA, AL, FL, VA juniors age 13-18 still enrolled in high school
  • SC Boys (Spring 2018): 5A, 4A, 3A- Top 10 that apply, 2A- Top 5 that apply, 1A- Top 5 that apply;
  • Scisa- Top 5 that apply.
  • SC Girls (Fall 2017): 5A, 4A, 3A Top 10 that apply, Scisa – Top 4 that apply.
  • Out of State and AT LARGE Eligibility:
25 spots + any SC vacancies are reserved for out of state high school top finishers and committee exemptions based on state rankings and NJGS rankings.
SCGA Junior Championship- SC Juniors only- must be on GHIN handicap roster ages 13-17
  • Lowest 156 indexes as of May 1
Georgia SC Team Matches- Invitation
  • Top 8 from SCGA Junior Championship
Grant Bennett Florence Junior Championship
  • Players will be accepted based on June 1 Boys Heritage Classic Rankings
  • Nine hole player will be based on Pee Wee Championship results and 2016 All Stars
  •   Top 5 from any age bracket – 2017 GBFJI
The Blade Junior Golf Classic SC Juniors age 13-18 still enrolled in HS
  • ANY USGA Qualifier or alternate (2017)
  • The Blade Junior (2017) Top 30 Boys 13-18, top 12 Girls 14-18, Top 5 Other brackets (if eligible)
  • The CGA Match Play ( 2017) Semi- Finalist Boys and Girls 14-18, Finalist Boys and Girls 13 and under
  • The CGA Junior Championship (2017) Top 10 Boys 16-18, 14-15; Top 3 Boys 13 and Under (if eligible)
  • Beth Daniel Junior Azalea (2017)- Top 10 Boys ,Top 5 Girls
  • Fall Challenge (2017) Top 10 Boys 15-18, Top 5 Boys 13-14, Girls 14-18
  • Players Championship (2017)-Top 20 Boys 15-18; Top 5 Boys 13-14, Girls 14-18
  • Pee Wee Championship (2018)-Top 10 Boys 10-12, Girls 10-12
  • Jimmy Self (2018)-Top 10 Boys, Top 5 Girls
  • Vicki Desantis (2018)- Top 10 oldest bracket
  • Twin States (2018)-Top 10 oldest bracket
  • Florence Junior (2018)-Top 10 Boys (15-18) , Top 3 – Boys 13-14
  • SCGA Junior Championship (2018)-Top 25 Boys Overall
  • WSCGA Junior Girls (2018)- Top 10 Girls (oldest bracket)
  • Upstate Junior (2018)-Top 10% of the field in both older boys and older girls brackets. May go deeper as this is the last qualifier
  • Greenvalley Girls Invitational 2018 (Top five in oldest bracket)
Beth Daniel Junior Azalea- Open to any junior player 13-18 enrolled in HS
  • 2017 Beth Daniel Azalea- Top 10 boys and girls
  • 2018 US Junior Qualifiers and Alternates
  • 2018 State Junior Championship (Not High School) any top 5 finish- Match or Stroke Play
  • The rest of the field comes from NJGS Rankings
SCJGA Tommy Cuthbert and Thomas D Todd All Stars- SC Players only
  • Top 2 players from each bracket qualifying through the Hootie and the blowfish Summer Series
Bobby Chapman Junior Invitational- Open to Junior age 13-18 enrolled in HS

  • (Posted on the Bobby Chapman Junior Website)
Cheraw Fall Challenge -SC Juniors ages 13-18 still enrolled in HS (Must apply for tournament by deadline!!)
  • USGA Qualifiers and Alternates
  • Date of entry (90 boys 15-18, 45 boys 13-14, 45 girls 13-18)  All Players should gain entry
Players Championship-SC Juniors only age 10-18 still enrolled in HS
  • USGA qualifiers and alternates
  • Champion and runner up in any SCJGA/ SCGA multi round event (All Stars- Champions only)
  • Top 5 from Cheraw Fall Challenge not already exempt
  • Open spots come from the October 1 rankings
  • Nine hole divisions based on date of entry
Morgan Lucas Team Championship- SC Juniors age 14-18 still enrolled in HS
  • Date of entry with any One Day Champion being exempt- 2018 season
Ford Picard Chrismas Classic- SC Players only
  • Must be on a GHIN Roster for flighting purposes
Sea Pines Junior Heritage
(National Invitational and criteria posted on the Sea Pines Junior Heritage website)Local qualifier is for Beaufort County Residents only