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South Carolina Junior Golf Association

Exemption List for all SCJGA Junior events for 2017

Exemptions for the SCJGA in 2017
Pee Wee Championship SC Juniors only age 8-12
First 80 applications
Caddie Classic- SC Juniors only age 13-18 still enrolled in high school
first 72 applications
Jimmy Self- SC, NC, GA, AL, FL, VA juniors age 13-18 still enrolled in high school
SC Boys (Spring 2017): 5A, 4A, 3A- Top 10 that apply, 2A- Top 5 that apply, 1A- Top 5 that apply;
Scisa- Top 5 that apply.
SC Girls (Fall 2016): 5A, 4A, 3A Top 10 that apply, Scisa – Top 4 that apply.
Out of State and AT LARGE Eligibility:
25 spots + any SC vacancies are reserved for out of state high school top finishers and committee exemptions based on state rankings and NJGS rankings.
SCGA Junior Championship- SC Juniors only- must be on GHIN handicap roster ages 13-17
Lowest 156 indexes
Georgia SC Team Matches- Invitation
Top 8 from SCGA Junior Championship
Grant Bennett Florence Junior Championship
Players will be accepted based on June 1 Boys Heritage Classic Rankings
Nine hole player will be based on Pee Wee Championship results and 2016 All Stars
The Blade Junior Golf Classic SC Juniors age 13-18 still enrolled in HS
ANY USGA Qualifier or alternate (2017)
The Blade Junior (2016) Top 30 Boys 13-18, top 12 Girls 14-18, Top 5 Other brackets (if eligible)
The CGA Match Play ( 2016) Semi- Finalist Boys and Girls 14-18, Finalist Boys and Girls 13 and under
The CGA Junior Championship (2016) Top 10 Boys 16-18, 14-15; Top 3 Boys 13 and Under (if eligible)
Beth Daniel Junior Azalea (2016)- Top 10 Boys ,Top 5 Girls
Fall Challenge (2016) Top 10 Boys 15-18, Top 5 Boys 13-14, Girls 14-18
Players Championship (2016)-Top 20 Boys 15-18; Top 5 Boys 13-14, Girls 14-18
Pee Wee Championship (2017)-Top 10 Boys 10-12, Girls 10-12
Jimmy Self (2017)-Top 10 Boys, Top 5 Girls
Vicki Desantis (2017)-Top 10 Top 10 oldest bracket
Twin States (2017)-Top 10 oldest bracket
Florence Junior (2017)-Top 10 Boys (15-18) , Top 3 – Boys 13-14
SCGA Junior Championship (2017)-Top 25 Boys Overall
WSCGA Junior Girls (2017)- Top 10 Girls (oldest bracket)
Upstate Junior (2017)-Top 10% of the field in both older boys and older girls brackets. May go deeper as this is the last qualifier
Greenvalley Girls Invitational (Top five in oldest bracket)
Beth Daniel Junior Azalea- Open to any junior player 13-18 enrolled in HS
2016 Beth Daniel Azalea- Top 10 boys and girls
2017 US Junior Qualifiers and Alternates
2017 State Junior Championship (Not High School) any top 5 finish- Match or Stroke Play
The rest of the field comes from NJGS Rankings
SCJGA Tommy Cuthbert and Thomas D Todd All Stars- SC Players only
Top 2 players from each bracket qualifying through the Hootie and the blowfish Summer Series
Bobby Chapman Junior Invitational- Open to Junior age 13-18 enrolled in HS (Posted on the Bobby Chapman Junior Website)
Cheraw Fall Challenge -SC Juniors ages 13-18 still enrolled in HS (Must apply for tournament by deadline!!)
USGA Qualifiers and Alternates
Date of entry (90 boys 15-18, 45 boys 13-14, 45 girls 13-18)  All Players should gain entry
Players Championship-SC Juniors only age 10-18 still enrolled in HS
USGA qualifiers and alternates
Champion and runner up in any SCJGA/ SCGA multi round event
Top 5 from Cheraw Fall Challenge not already exempt
Open spots come from the October 1 rankings
Nine hole divisions based on date of entry
Morgan Lucas Team Championship- SC Juniors age 14-18 still enrolled in HS
four Junior members – count three best scores
Ford Picard Chrismas Classic- SC Players only
Must be on a GHIN Roster for flighting purposes
Sea Pines Junior Heritage (National Invitational and criteria posted on the Sea Pines Junior Heritage website)