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South Carolina Junior Golf Association

Golf In Schools

IMG_5512The SCJGA is able to conduct one day introductions to golf at various schools across the state, at no cost to the schools  The introductions take place during PE classes where students are given a brief history of the game, description of all equipment, safety precautions, and basic guidelines for grip, posture, alignment, and full swing.  At the end of class all students are allowed to practice what they were taught and attempt to hit a golf ball. We also leave behind equipment at each school for future use. The equipment used in this program is made possible from a grant by the Carolinas Golf Association and the Dustin Johnson Foundation.  If you would like the SCJGA to come to your school for a day please have your Principal or PE Teacher contact Justin Fleming at 803-732-9311 and ask about the Golf in Schools Program.

The Golf in Schools program is a basic introduction to the game of golf using SNAG (Start New At Golf) Equipment. Our hope is to grow the game of golf or at the very least increase interest in the game by exposing as many children to the game as possible.

To kick things off students are given a brief history of the game and the SCJGA. This brief overview is followed up by an introduction to both SNAG equipment and real golf equipment; the similarities and differences of both equipment are discussed. Then we compare golf as a whole to other popular main stream sports.  Once this portion of the program is over the actual exposure begins. Each of the following lessons represents one classroom setting, therefore the entire program takes five days. After each technique has been explained and demonstrated a brief talk covering safety and etiquette is given. Then the class is broken up into smaller groups and allowed to practice what has been taught that day.


Day 1 Putting

Day 2 Chipping

Day 3 Pitching

Day 4 Full Swing using SNAG

Day 5 Full Swing using real golf equipment