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South Carolina Junior Golf Association

Taking a Break From Golf

As we take a deep breath of the winter season, most of us are excited about the potential it holds, like SNOW! The “die hard” golfers tend to differ. Golfers are somewhat sidelined with courses closing due to frost, frigid winds with cold temperatures, daylight savings time and lack of tournaments scheduled to play in.  This doesn’t mean that your time has to be put off until it warms up or the next tournament rolls around. The winter season can be a tremendous opportunity for your golf game and overall your experience with life!

As a passionate outdoorsman I grew up with the notion that the cold season means hunting.  Hunting has taught me many important aspects that relate to my golf game and my everyday stroll through life.  Patience, determination, admiration and responsibility are strong virtues that I took away from the outdoors as a kid and implement them into my daily routine along with my golf game as well.  You may be thinking, “How is standing out in the cold trying to shoot a bird going to help my golf game!?” Well aside from the 4 qualities listed above, I would rebuttal that it takes extraordinary hand-eye coordination.  I can honestly say you have to be a talented person to be able to shoot a small and fast moving bird 40-50 yards away and be consistent at the same time.  My short game and wing shooting ability are very similar.  The process of seeing the shot, feeling the shot and executing the shot without hesitation makes me a consistent hunter and short game player.  I highly suggest and encourage everyone to experience some form of hunting at least once in your life.  It may not suit all personalities but it certainly brings a positive experience and allows you to see life in a completely different aspect.

-Bennett Jordan, Asst. Dir. Of Youth Development – SCJGA