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Teams Series Testimonies

Testimony for the TEAM SERIES

Allen Koon 2004, SCJGA PLAYER OF THE YEAR, on the new TEAM SERIES “On Course “format.

The Team Series formerly known as the “Winter Tour” was special because it was the beginning of developing my golf family. We were all very close then and we still are. Baker and McCuen Elmore, from Cheraw, Michael Chappell, George and Wesley Bryan we all started played together and we traveled to different courses each week which was fun but also helped me learn because we had a new course to discover so we had to adjust to different conditions. The greens may be a different type grass and speed from the week before. It’s important to constantly see new conditions when you are young for it seems you learn faster. It sure helped me. ”

Allen earned a scholarship to play golf at USC.

Scott Hamilton teaches Jason Bohn, Boo Weekly, Kevin Kisner and numerous other TOUR pros.

“The Nine whole municipal course I grew up on Did not even have a range. I only played golf and never hit balls.
I stress to parents all the time the importance of going out to play first and ask them, why would buy them a lesson before they even know if they like golf? When you first start golf, playing is fun, practice isn’t. Practice becomes fun when you know what you are practicing for!”

Erica Battle Pressley graduated high school in 2002 and is currently working in the golf business for the Woodlands running 18 hole events for juniors and ladies. She is an amateur in status and is married to Dr. Gerald Pressley. She got her start in golf with the “On Course Developmental TEAM SERIES” format in a program called the “Irmo Chapin Recreation Commission Winter Youth Golf Tour”.

“I enjoyed playing different courses on the “winter tour” because it provides the opportunity to play different courses. We even could play the private courses which was really neat because some players would not, because of financial reasons, otherwise, have the experience.

The program also accommodated the brand new players to the highly skilled. I went through all the levels too.” Another aspect of the program that was unique was having parents caddy. I have this picture of my dad caddying and having family involved is great because you never know how long this will last.” Erica’s lost her father to a tragic illness when she was 13. She went on to play golf for the USC Gamecocks on scholarship. After college she went to work in the golf business with The First Tee Program and now continues to contribute to the game through her affiliation with the WOODLANDS in Houston Texas.

Erica’s also had a job with the “Winter Tour” as a part time administrator. She did surveys and compiled information for the program.  “I had my First job which helped me in life because part of what I did was write. This helped me develop communication skills which I relied in college and later in life.”

George Bryan IV also got his start in this program at 5 years old. He also earned “SCJGA Player of The Year” and went on like Erica to play golf at USC.

“When I was really young I can remember wanting to play all the time. That’s what I loved to do. The “Winter Tour” was special because it was a time to hang out with friends on the course. I got paired with different people so it was fun getting to know someone new each Sunday and I thoroughly enjoyed this.”

“The “Winter Tour” also did a great job preparing me for the Spring High School Golf Season but most importantly, helped me enjoy and have fun playing the great game of golf!”

Ginny Hutto -2013 ICRC Parent in recent post season interview; we miss each Sunday now for the “Tour” was so much fun. Now I am thinking of playing and we are looking at joining a club in Northeast Columbia. I am thinking about a set of clubs but I actually hit my sons so good I want his! He may need another set soon!”