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South Carolina Junior Golf Association

Understanding Rankings (hopefully)

Points for the SCJGA

For 2017, the SCJGA and TYGA rankings systems will share the same weighting scales for simplicity of our players and event hosts. As of January 1, we will be loading player  data to build a year’s worth of player records to utilize the same Shotstat format as TYGA to provide a more comprehensive rankings. Player scoring and course differentials will count towards the players records. This process will take a year and for 2017, we will still use the basic formulas with some minor changes.  We hope that every player cracks the top 20 this year!!!

The SCJGA rankings, presented by the Heritage Classic Foundation, reflect the cumulative play of South Carolina juniors participating in a wide array of events. The calculations favor local events to reduce economic favoritism, and national championships to recognize top prominence.

The Rankings are updated on the first of each month and reflect play over the most recent 12 months of available event results.


Event Policies of the SCJGA: to have an event considered for the Standings, it must meet the following guidelines:

  1. Local junior specific events conducted in South Carolina or bordering states (North Carolina and Georgia) that abided by USGA Rules of Golf and have a minimum of 15 boys or 6 girls (changed from 20/ 8 in 2016) playing from the back set of tees for the event. Tournament directors are required to forward full results to the SCJGA for the event to be considered. The format should be in excell and have hometown, grad dates, and players full name. We also need tees played and course rating if possible.
  2. National events that are invitationals or a player earns their way through local qualifying. Examples: AJGA INVITATIONALS, USGA championships, the PGA Junior, and other such invitationals and national championships. Players playing in standard junior events (like ajga qualifying, junior tours, etc) out of the NC, GA, and SC area won’t be considered for SCJGA rankings as many families don’t have the ability to travel for long distance junior events. (Change for 2017)
  3. Weather shortened events will match the TYGA format of using half the weighting. (36 hole event shortened to 18 due to weather and is a four weight, will be reduced to 2 weight)
  4. The entire results must be emailed to to be considered
  5. SCJGA One Days and Hootie Series events will have points available as well as long as the players are ranked outside of the top 30 for boys and top 20 for girls. These grassroots events are designed for players to gain experience.

Points break down:

  • 1st-30 points, 2nd-20, 3rd-19, 4th-18, 5th-17, 6th-16, 7-15, 8-14; etc all the way to 20th place which is worth 2 points.
  • Any ties are combined and split.
  • Any total points earned that are less than a full point are not awarded.
  • Any event shortened by weather etc, will be half the weighted value

Example: (A player is playing in a 4 weighted event that has over 40 players playing from the back tees over the 2 oldest age brackets.) The top 20 players will earn points in the event. If the player was to tie for 4th place with two other players, The points for the three spots be added together, multiplied by the tournaments weight, and split by the three players.

((18+17+16)x4)/3 = 68 points per player


2016 2017
SCJGA Caddie Classic 1 2
All Hootie Summer Tour events that have minimum players (even 36 hole finals) 1 2
All one day junior qualifying (SCGA, CGA, AJGA, Etc) 1 2
Ford Picard Christmas Classic 1 2
Optimist Qualifier 1 2
Phil Wallace 1 2
Any indepepndent One Day events 1 2
Walter Reynolds 1 2
All High school 18 hole events- including regionals (even 36 hole region events) 1 2
All 36 hole events – sign up and play (all junior tours) 2 4
All 36 hole HS events (excluding State Championships) 2 4
All Stars 2 4
Al Esposito 2 4
Carmel Jr 2 4
North South 2 4
The Tradition Four Ball 2 4
Mid Pines 2 4
FCWT 3 4
US Girls Junior Qualifying 4 4
US Jr Qualifying 4 4
Upstate 3 4
Cobb’s Glen JR Invitational 3 4
Henry Transou Memorial (Girls) 3 4
HS State Championships 3 5
WSCGAHS Invitational 3 5
Charles Tilghman 3 5
Big I Qualifying 3 5
PGA Junior Series 3 5
AJGA Devolpment 3 5
Ellis Maples Junior Girls 3 5
Donald Ross 4 6
George Holiday 4 6
CGA Jimmy Anderson 4 6
Orange Jacket Classic 4 6
Cheraw State Fall Challenge 4 6
Henry Transou Memorial (boys) 4 6
PKB Invitationals 4 6
Florence Jr 4 6
CGA Fall Invitational 4 6
Festival of Flowers (Adult) 4 6
SCGA Tournament of Champions 4 6
Carolinas-Georgia Junior Championship 5 6
Players Championship 5 6
Green Valley Girls Classic 5 6
Open AJGA Events 5 6
Future Masters 5 6
North South Junior 5 6
CGA Jimmy Creed 4 8
Jimmy Self 5 8
The Blade 5 8
Vicki Desantis Junior Girls 5 8
Beth Daniel Junior Azalea 5 8
Joe Cheves 6 8
Jones Cup Junior 6 8
Western Junior 6 8
Scott Robertson 6 8
CPGA Junior Championship 6 6
Carolinas Junior Girls 7 8
Twin States Girls 7 8
World Junior Golf Cup (National) 7 8
Junior Heritage 7 8
CGA Match Play 7 8
SCGA Jr 7 8
WSCGA Girls 7 8
CGA Match Play 7 8
CGA Jr 7 8
GolfWeek Invitational 8 8
SCGA Am 8 8
OIJGC National 8 8
BIG I National 8 8
PGA National 8 8
Bobby Chapman Invitational 8 9
AJGA Invitationals 9 9
Sage Valley Junior Invitational 9 9
USGA Junior 10 10
US Amateur 10 10