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South Carolina Junior Golf Association

Understanding Rankings (hopefully)

SCJGA Heritage Classic Foundation Rankings- 2018 changes

In an effort to simplify and better reflect the abilities of our SCJGA players, our rankings system will utilize the same format as the Carolinas Golf Association (CGA) and the Tarheel Youth Golf Association (TYGA). Developed by Shotstat, the system will reflect the play of every player in the field, not just the top 20 as in years past. Also taking into account is the player’s scoring against the course rating for that particular course under the competition radar.

The Rankings will still use the last 12 months of play to determine the rankings number and only the age brackets playing the competition from the longest yardage of the tournament will count. Boys will have to have a minimum of 15 players in the field, and girls will need to have 6 players post scores to be eligible for rankings. The entire field is then awarded points with last place earning one point all the way to the champion with increments of one point and the champion receiving 5 bonus points for the win. In example, a field with 35 players would break out as follows: First place- 40 points, second-34, third- 33 etc to last place receiving one point. Each tournament has a weighting based on the strength of field and those finish points are then multiplied by the weighting to give the player his point total. This will be reflected in 49% of the player’s points for that event. 51% of the players ranking will come from their stroke differential as calculated as an overall value for the year compared to every other player in the rankings.

As many junior golfers in North and South Carolina play in CGA, SCJGA, and many of the independent events, both associations have come together to provide a unified method to treat all of the tournaments in the same way. Tyga and the SCJGA will still have a separate system in place for their respective players, but every event will be ranked the same way. Conversion took place over the entire year of 2017 and the January edition will be the first publication using the new formulas.


Who can earn points?

Junior golfers 18 and under who have not started college, who are residents of South Carolina and have played in a minimum of 5 rankings events.

Is there a minimum of events that have to be played?

Yes, juniors must play in a minimum of 5 events before being ranked.

What tournaments are used?

Any junior event conducted in SC and all states adjacent (NC, GA) along with pre-set national junior and amateur events.

Do you have to be a member of the SCJGA to earn rankings points?

No, players are added to the rankings automatically after they earn points.

How deep in the field are points awarded?

Each player who finishes a rankings event earns points.

How are rankings determined?

Each players total points (49%) earned and tournament scoring differential (51%) are used to determine the rankings.

What is a player’s tournament scoring differential?

We take the stroke average from the ranking events the player has played in and subtract the average course rating for the course and yardage played to give each player their differential.

Why the course rating?

The course rating is the “USGA’s mark that indicates the playing difficulty of a course for a scratch golfer under normal course and weather conditions. 

The rating is based on yardage and other obstacles to the extent that they affect the scoring ability of a scratch golfer.”*

What if a player withdrawals from an event?

Any injury or emergency withdrawal will not hurt the player.  However, any player who has more than 1 unjustified withdrawal after starting a rankings event will be deleted from the rankings.

How are the points awarded?

Points are awarded in reverse order based on the size of the field.  Overall winner also receives 5 extra pints for winning.

Example:  It there are 10 players in an event

1st place    10 + 5 = 15 points

2nd place    9 points

3rd place    8 points

4th place    7 points

5th place    6 points

6th place    5 points

7th place    4 points

8th place    3 points

9th place    2 points

10th place  1 point


The corresponding points are then multiplied by the “event multiplier”.

What is a multiplier?

The event multiplier gives us the chance to give more established events more points.  The multiplier is determined based on historical data of the size and strength of the field.

What about ties?

They are split, unless an on course playoff is held and then that playoff determines the finish.

Do all divisions receive points?

No, only the players who play from the longest yardage are awarded rankings points.

What if two or more divisions play from the longest yardage set of tee?

Then the divisions are merged into one overall division and points are then awarded for the overall and not the divisions.

What do the rankings reflect?

How well individual players have fared in the PAST 12 MONTHS in selected tournaments, unless they have graduated from high school, then they are deleted the September after they graduate from high school.

Is there a minimum amount of contestants in an event to be used for rankings?

Yes, there must be at least 15 boys or 6 girls playing from the longest set of tees in each event before the results can be used.


Do you add events in mid-season?

Yes. A boys’ tournament with 15 boys or a girls’ tournament with 6 girls playing the longest set of tees in that event will be used.

The multiplier for those events will be set after the results are received and evaluated based on the size and strength of the field.

Can the multiplier be adjusted after the competition?

While each event is judged on the previous years field,  the rankings committee reserves the right to adjust the multiplier.

This may be done if the field is small, or the depth of the field is not as deep as it was in the past.

Does a round being canceled affect the multiplier?

Since the number of holes to be played does factor into determining the multiplier, the multiplier is reduced the percentage of holes that are canceled.
For an example, if a 36-hole event with a 4 multiplier is shortened to 18-holes, the multiplier is reduced by 50% to a 2.

What if a round is shortened to 9 holes?

Rounds shortened to 9 holes will not be used for rankings.

When 9 holes rounds are eliminated, the rankings results are based off all 18-hole rounds completed and may be different from the actual player finish position published by the tournament.

The multiplier will be adjusted as called for in the example above.

Why only individual events?

We do not use Four-Ball or team score events because results do not reflect the contribution of two players in all cases. In some cases, one player may “carry” the other.

Is it updated daily?

No. They are updated by the 10th of each month, unless otherwise noted. As we share data with the CGA, we must wait until the 5th of each month and make sure all of their player profiles are updated as well.

What about mistakes?

Unless catastrophic errors are found, mistakes are fixed for the next update.

Is there a maximum or minimum yardage to be played from?

No.  We do recommend that the boys play a yardage around 6700 yards and girls play a yardage around 5700 yards, but there is not a requirement.

Are juniors who have graduated from high school deleted?

Yes, juniors who have graduated are deleted in the September rankings after they have graduated from high school.

Weights (as posted on the Junior Schedule of the Carolinas):

If an event is not listed, it will still be eligible for rankings as long as it meets the minimum guidelines. Standard rule of thumb is if there is no field selection, ie entry is based on date of entry, a one day tournament will be a 2 weight and a 36 hole event will be a 4 weight. 

Date Event Site Weight
18 hole sign up and play events 2
36 hole sign up and play events 4
January 6-7 Winternational Jr. Series Event #4  Pinehurst No. 8 4
January 13-14 HJGT-Bluffton Jr. Shootout  Old South 4
January 13-15 PKBGT Linville Cup at Mid Pines Inn & GC Southern Pines 4
January 14-15 Carolinas-Georgia Junior  Mt. Vintage Plantation 8
15-Jan TYGA One Day  Pinehurst CC No. 6 2
January 20-21 PKBGT Eagle Classic at Georgia Southern University GC Statesboro 4
January 20-21 Winternational Jr. Series Event #5  Pinehurst No. 5 4
January 27-28 HJGT-Pinehurst Junior Shootout  Pinehurst No.5 4
27-Jan NC Junior Golf Night  Pine Needles Resort
January 27-28 PKBGT PKB Foundation Classic at CC of North Carolina Pinehurst 4
February 3-4 HJGT-Kiawah Island Junior  Kiawah-Turtle Point 4
February 3-4 SCJGA Sea Pines Junior Heritage – Sea Pines Resort  Hilton Head 8
February 3-4 Winternational Jr. Series Event #6  Pinehurst No. 6 4
February10-11 HJGT-Ballantyne Open w/Dana Rader Golf School  GC at Ballantyne 4
February 10-11 PKBGT Orange Whip Classic at Clemson University Clemson 4
February 17-18 PKBGT RocketTour PLAYERS at University of Georgia Athens 4
Feruary 17-18 TGF Country Club of North Carolina  Pinehurst  NC Boys 4
February 17-18 Winternational Jr. Series Event #7  Pinehurst No. 2 4
February 23-25 Dustin Johnson World Jr.  TPC Myrtle Beach 6
February 24-25 HJGT-Grandover Junior Shootout  Grandover Resort-West 4
2-Mar Keith Hills High School Kickoff  Keith Hills CC
March 3-4 HJGT-Coastal Carolina Jr. Shootout  Blackmoor GC 4
March 3-4 PKBGT Palmetto Classic at University of South Carolina Columbia 4
March 3-4 TGF UNC A.E. Finley GC  Chapel Hill 4
March 3-4 Winternational Jr. Series Event #8  Pinehurst No. 1 4
March 10-11 HJGT-Richmond Jr. Shootout  Providence GC 4
March 10-11 PKBGT Tar Heel Classic at UNC Chapel Hill Finley Chapel Hill 4
11-Mar TYGA Pinewild CC Junior Shootout  Pinewild CC (Holly Course) 2
12-Mar Carmel High School Shootout  Carmel CC 2
March 17-18 HJGT-Hilton Head Jr. Shootout  CC of Hilton Head 4
March 17-18 NCJGF- IMG Junior World Championships Qualifying  UNC Finley GC 4
March 17-18 PKBGT Boars Head Inn Classic at University of Virginia Charlottesville 4
March 17-18 TYGA Archdale-Trinity Chamber Junior  Holly Ridge GL 4
18-Mar SCJGA Pee Wee Championship – Columbia CC  Blythewood not ranked
March 23-24 TYGA North State High School Challenge  Club at Irish Creek 5
March 24-25 HJGT-Charlotte Junior Challenge  Stoneridge GC 4
March 24-25 HJGT-Laurel Hill Jr. Shootout  Laurel Hill GC Lorton 4
March 24-25 PKBGT Lexington Classic at Sapona Ridge CC Lexington 4
March 24-25 PKBGT Women’s Health Classic Jr. Challenge Symetra Tour Qualifier Greenwood 4
25-Mar SCJGA Caddie Classic – Wildewood Country Club  Columbia 4
28-Mar TYGA Wedgewood HS Shootout  Wedgewood GC 2
March 29-31 Palmetto HS Golf Tournament  Caledonia & True Blue 4
29-Mar The Palmetto High School Qualifying  True Blue & Caledonia GC 4
March 30-31 TGF UNC A.E.Finley Golf Course   Boys Only 9-18 call 919-291-5813 4
March 30-31 The Palmetto High School Championship  True Blue & Caledonia GC 4
March TBD Anderson Creek High School  Anderson Creek GC 4
March TBD The Neuse High School  The Neuse GC 4
7-Apr CGA Jimmy Anderson Boys’ Qualifying  Siler City CC 2
April 7-8 PKBGT Masters at Greenville CC Greenville 4
April 7-8 TGF Grandover Golf Resort  Greensboro NC.   Boys 9-18 call 919-291-5813 4
9-Apr TYGA NC High School Invitational  Treyburn CC 3
April 14-15 CGA Jimmy Anderson Boys’ Invitational  Jacksonville CC 6
April 14-15 HJGT-College prep Series at Furman  Furman University GC 4
April 14-15 PKBGT Southeast National Event at TBA TBA 4
19-Apr TYGA Pinecrest High School Invitational  Pinehurst CC No. 8 3
April 21-22 AJGA Preview  Carolina Trace CC (Lakes) 4
April 21-22 HJGT-Northern Virginia Jr. Open  1757 GC 4
22-Apr PKBGT North Carolina One-Day Series at Longleaf GC Pinehurst 2
April 28-29 HJGT-Bluffton Jr. Open  Robert Cupp Course 4
April 28-29 PKBGT Metrolina Classic at Rock Hill CC Rock Hill 4
April 28-29 TGF NCSU Lonnie Poole Golf Course  Raleigh 4
May 5-6 PKBGT Carolina’s Classic at Carolina Trace CC Sanford 4
5-May PKBGT Middle Atlantic One-Day Series  at Augustine GC Stafford 2
May 7-8 NCISAA Boys’ State Championships  Pinehurst Area courses 5
May 7-8 NCHSAA Boys’ Regionals  various sites 2
May 12-13 CGA Vicki DiSantis Girls’ Championship  Pine Island CC 8
May 12-13 TGF  Bryan Park GC (Champions)  Greensboro 4
May 14-15 NCHSAA Boys’ State Champioships  Pinehurst Area courses 5
May 18-20 Scott Robertson Memorial  Roanoke CC 9
May 18-20 CGA Carolinian Amateur  Keith Hills CC 10
19-May CGA Creed Boys’ Qualifying  Lancaster GC 2
May 19-20 HJGT-College Prep Series at VA Tech  Pete Dye River Course 4
19-May PKBGT North Carolina One-Day Series at Monroe CC Monroe 2
May 19-20 WSCGA Green Valley Girls’ Classic  Green Valley CC 5
May 26-27 CGA Creed Boys’ Invitational  Camden CC 7
May 26-28 HJGT- 54 Hole Challenge at Colonial  Colonial CC 4
May 26-28 PKBGT Open Championships at CC of Salisbury Salisbury 6
May 27-28 TGF Pine Needles and Mid Pines Golf Resort  Southern Pines 4
Summer 2018 Hootie and Blowfish Summer Series 2
June 2-3 HJGT-College Prep Series at UVA  Birdwood GC 4
June 2-3 PKBGT Maryland Classic at Laytonsville GC Gaithersburg 4
June 2-3 SCJGA Jimmy Self Invitiational – Greenwood CC  Greenwood 7
June 2-3 TYGA Bojangles Junior Open  Cutter Creek GC 4
2-Jun TYGA Tots One Day  Midland Country Club Not ranked
June 3-5 CGA Carolinas Women’s Amateur  Green Valley CC 10
June 9-10 PKBGT Chancicleer Classic at Coastal Carolina Uni. Myrtle Beach 4
June 10-12 HJGT-Mid Season Invitational at Sea Island  Sea Island-Plantation 4
June 11-13 SCGA Junior Championship – Dataw Island – Cotton Dike  Dataw Island 7
11-Jun USGA Junior Am Qualifying  CC of Salisbury 4
June 12-15 AJGA Haas Family Invitational  Sedgefield CC (Ross) 9
June 11-14 AJGA Judie Oppenheimer Memorial  Chechessee Creek Club 6
June 12-15 CGA NC Junior Girls’ Championship  Maple Chase GC 7
12-Jun TYGA One Day  CC of Whispering Pines 2
13-Jun TYGA One Day  Whispering Woods CC 2
June 13-17 CGA SC Men’s Amateur Match Play  Furman GC 10
14-Jun CGA NC Junior Boys’ Qualifying  Catawba Creek GC 2
14-Jun CGA NC Junior Boys’ Qualifying  Links at Cotton Valley 2
June 14-17 CGA NC Men’s Amateur  River Landing (River) 10
June 16-17 HJGT- Virginia Summer Classic  1757 GC 4
June 16-17 HJGT-Myrtle Beach Junior Classic  International 4
18-Jun TYGA One Day  Reedy Creek GC 2
June 19-22 CGA NC Junior Boys’ Championship  Pine Island CC 7
19-Jun TYGA One Day  Siler City CC 2
19-Jun USGA Junior Am Qualifier  CC of South Carolina 4
15-Jun USGA Junior Girls’ Qualifying  Colonial CC 4
June 20-21 PKBGT Precision Girls’ at Bryan Park Greensboro 4
June 21-22 SCJGA Grant Bennett Florence Junior Invitational – Florence CC  Florence 6
21-Jun TYGA One Day  Sanford CC 2
June 22-24 NCWGA NC Women’s Amateur  Ironwood GC 10
25-Jun TYGA One Day  Club at Irish Creek 2
25-Jun USGA Junior Am Qualifying  Carolina CC 4
June 26-28 CGA Carolinas Girls’ Championship  Croasdaile CC 8
June 26-27 PKBGT NOVA Championship at Hidden Creek CC Reston 4
26-Jun TYGA One Day  Monroe CC 2
June 28-29 TYGA Coastal Plains Junior  Greenville CC 4
June 29-July 1 WSCGA Junior Girls Moss Creek 7
June 30-July 1 PKBGT North Carollina Classic at TBA TBA 4
July 2-4 North & South Junoir  Pinehurst No. 2 6
2-Jul TYGA One Day  Chapel Hill CC 2
July 9-10 CGA Carolinas Girls’ 15 & Under  CC of Whispering Pines (Pines) 3
July 9-12 PGA Junior Girls’ Championship  Kearney Hill GL 10
July 10-13 CGA SC Junior Match Play Championship  Rock Hill CC 7
July 11-13 AJGA Amino Vital Junior  Treyburn CC 6
July 11-12 TYGA High Point Junior  Blair Park and Oak Hollow 4
July 12-15 CGA Carolinas Men’s Amateur  CC of North Carolina (Dogwood) 10
July 14-15 Trusted Choice NC Big I State Championship  Mid Pines/Pine Needles 6
July 16-17 CGA NC Boys’ 13 and Under Championship  Asheboro City GC 3
July 16-21 USGA Junior Girls’ Championship  Poppy Hills GC 10
July 16-21 USGA Junior Amateur  Baltusrol GC 10
July 17-18 SCJGA Blade Junior Classic – Thornblade Club  Greer 7
17-Jul TYGA One Day  River Ridge GC 2
18-Jul TYGA One Day  Ole Still GC 2
July 18-19 TYGA Roy Jones Junior  Kinston CC 4
19-Jul TYGA One Day  Lake Hickory CC (Catawba Springs) 2
20-Jul CGA Father-Son Championship  Pinehurst area courses Not ranked
20-Jul CGA Parent-Child  Pinehurst area courses Not ranked
July 21-22 PKBGT Wolfpack Classic at NC State Uni. Raleigh 4
23-Jul CGA Carolinas Boys’ Junior Qualifier  Camden CC 2
July 24-26 CGA Carolinas Boys’ Championship  Members Club at Wildewood 8
July 23-26 Bubba Conlee Junior  Quail Ridge GC 6
July 24-26 CGA Carolinas Women’s Match Play  North Ridge CC 10
25-Jul TYGA One Day  Beechwood CC 2
26-Jul TYGA One Day  Greenville CC 2
July 28-29 CGA Mid-Atlantic Girls’ Team Matches  Indian Creek GC Not ranked
30-Jul TYGA SAS Junior  Prestonwood CC 2
July 31-Aug 1 CGA Twin States Girls’ Championship  Spring Valley CC 8
July 31-August 3 PGA Junior Boys’ Championship  CC of St. Albans 10
1-Aug CGA Dogwood Boys’ State Junior Qualifying  Pinewood CC 2
1-Aug CGA Dogwood Boys’ State Junior Qualifying  Walnut Creek CC 2
August 1-5 CGA NC Men’s Amateur Match Play  Gaston CC 10
August 1-2 Carmel Junior  Carmel CC 4
2-Aug TYGA One Day  CC of Johnston County 2
August 2-5 SCGA SC Men’s Amateur Championship  Dataw Island Club 10
August 3-5 PKBGT Tour Championship at Salem Glen Advance 4
6-Aug TYGA Jack Ratz Memorial  Wildwood Green 2
August 6-9 Trusted Choice Big I National  Daniel Island Club 10
August 6-12 USGA Women’s Amateur  GC of Tennessee 10
August 7-9 AJGA Greg Norman Academy Junior  Barefoot Resort (Norman) 6
August 7-9 CGA Dogwood Boys’ State Junior  Duke GC 7
August 7-9 CGA Dogwood Girls’ State Junior  Chapel Hill CC 7
August 7-8 SCJGA Beth Daniel Junior Azalea – CC of Charleston  Charleston 8
August 11-12 CGA Carolinas-Virginias Junior Team Matches  CC of North Carolina (Cardinal) Not ranked
13-Aug CGA Carolinas Pro-Junior  Prestonwood CC Not ranked
August 13-19 USGA Men’s Amateur  Pebble Beach GL 10
August 14-16 AJGA Junior All-Star  Club at Irish Creek 4
August 14-16 CGA Hope Valley Junior Invitational  Hope Valley CC 6
14-Aug TYGA One Day  Wilmington Municipal 2
August 18-19 SCJGA Thomas D Todd All Stars – Patriot GC  Greenwood 5
August 18-19 SCJGA Tommy Cuthbert All Stars – Seabrook Island Ocean Winds Club  Johns Island 5
August 21-22 TYGA Tournament of Champions  The Neuse 5
25-Aug TYGA Tots One Day  Gillespie Park Not ranked
September 1-3 AJGA Girls’ Championship  Furman GC 9
September 22-23 WSCGA High School Invitational at Sanctuary at Cat Island Beaufort 4
September 22-23 CGA Junior Collegiate  Keith Hills CC 7
29-Sep TYGA NC Middle School Championship  Longleaf GC 2
October 6-7 CGA Jimmy Anderson Girls’ Invitational  Jacksonville CC 6
October 6-7 SCJGA Tradition Four Ball – Pebble Creek CC  Taylors Not ranked
October 13-14 TYGA State Championship  Colonial CC 5
13-Oct TYGA Tots State Championship  Longleaf GC Not ranked
October 20-21 SCJGA Bobby Chapman Invitational – Spartanburg Country Club  Spartanburg 9
November 3-4 SCJGA Fall Challenge – Cheraw State Park & Morees Cheraw CC  Cheraw 4
November 17-18 SCJGA Players Championship – Hartsville CC  Hartsville 6
21-Nov TYGA One Day  Longleaf GC 2
2-Dec SCJGA Morgan Lucas Team Championship – Greenville CC (Riverside)  Greenville 2
December 15-16 SCJGA Ford Picard Christmas Classic – Wild Dunes – Links Course  Isle Of Palms 2
December 28-29 Donald Ross Junior Championship  Pinehurst No. 1 5